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Front-end Concept Development Phase

Finding the right solution and suppliers

Typical Service Offered:

  • Technology Comparison

  • Feasibility Study

  • Process Simulation Development 

  • Rough Schedule and Cost Estimation

  • Scope and Bid Documentation Development

  • Major and Minor Equipment Lists

  • Block Flow (BFDs), Process Flow (PFDs), and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)

  • Basic Power and Utility Requirements

  • Off and Turndown Case Considerations


Project Execution and Install Phase

Implementing the right solution safely and efficiently

Typical Service Offered:

  • Equipment Supplier Document Review

  • Integration of Different Supplier Equipment

  • PFD and P&ID Development

  • Module Layout and Accessiblity Reviews

  • Scope and Bid Documentation Development

  • Control Philosophy

  • Safety System (Relief/Flare, Cause and Effect, Blowdown)

  • HAZOP Participation

  • Hydraulic, Line Sizing, Deign Pressure and Temperature Checks

  • First Fills Quantities and Specification

  • Performance Test Procedures and Verification


Operational Phase

Ensuring assets operate safely and at peak performance

Typical Service Offered:

  • Operational Expense Analysis and Optimization

  • Major Equipment Health

  • Design Performance Vs Actual

  • Emissions and Waste Stream Analysis

  • Safety Systems Review

  • Technology Upgrade Options

  • Debottlenecking Studies

  • P&IDs Walkdowns

  • Operational Procedures Check

  • Chemical and Media Change-outs


Troubleshooting and Training

Typical Service Offered:

  • Operations Refresher (Generic and/or Plant Specific) 

  • Off-Spec Product

  • Transient Conditions

  • Equipment Downtime and Reliability

  • Off-design Operations such as Excessive Turndown

  • Corrosion Issues

  • Rotating Equipment Failures

  • Fouling

  • Plugging

  • Foaming

  • Separator Carryover

  • Tower Internal Inefficiencies 



Teaming up with great companies

Being in the industry for many years, we have great relationships with the industries best suppliers.  Whether it be equipment to construction providers, let us help find the best solution to your problem.  

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